Saturday, September 24, 2011

Every blog needs a first post; so here goes.

I thought I’d start things off with some silly season speculation. If you haven’t yet read Marshall Pruett’s silly season article yet, I’d recommend reading it asap. It is located here:

Anyhow from that article, I started thinking about where Paul Tracy might end up next year.

From the article:

Of the drivers looking for teams, Tracy has one of the most attractive sponsorship packages to offer. The 2003 champ Car champion is looking for a team that is ready to win—or at least close to breaking through—rather than spend the twilight of his career with a no-hoper.

As with many drivers heading into 2012, Tracy won’t sign for a team that has yet to secure an engine contract. “It has to be a Honda because part of my funding comes from Honda of Canada,” he said.

I added the bold for emphasis. I think statements in bold strongly hint to Paul Tracy being with SSM next year. Agree?

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